How do essential oils work?

You’re probably familiar with lavender being synonymous with calming but how does it work?

Essential oils are distilled from leaves, fruits, woods, and seeds so that we can enjoy their medicinal uses. These plant parts contain different molecular compositions that interact with different parts of the body.

In parts of our history the uses of essential oils were known in Greek, Egyptian, and Chinese history for medical and mental treatments. Think back in biblical times when the gifts for Jesus were Frankincense and Myrrh. It seems that essential oils are the new thing, but it’s actually just getting back in touch with our roots.

How to use:


I say, roll it on where it hurts! Place the oils in areas where pulse points are (wrists, behind ears, or temples). If there’s any question, go for the bottoms of feet. Why? You have the largest pores in your body located on the bottoms of your feet so that oils will enter the body and work their way up.


Roll on the blend into your hand, cup over your nose and mouth, then inhale deeply. This is another fabulous way to enjoy the oil blends.